Mountain Bike Search and Rescue (MBSAR)


Duration: Contact time varies dependent on level
Cost: Variable

Mountain bikes have been utilized around the world by teams of trained Search and Rescue operators who deploy to emergencies, SAR and disaster response situations all the time. For the first time, a structured MTB and SAR program has been developed to effectively manage the training. Welcome to MBSAR.

IRESCUE TRAINING is proud to offer the MBSAR program in fellowship with DIMERSAR, who developed the courses and oversee a network of capable instructors worldwide.

A little bit about MBSAR...

MBSAR focuses on the disciplines of Mountain Biking, Search and Rescue, Medical Response, and Disaster Response.

MBSAR covers 10 main areas:

  • 1. Transport SAR members from one area to another
  • 2. Patrol duties on remote / spaced areas (events?)
  • 3. Transport kit from one area to another
  • 4. Hasty Searches, 300m area Route / Path, Sweeps
  • 5. Attraction and Containment / Confinement
  • 6. Performing Reconnaissance
  • 7. Disaster Assessments & analysis
  • 8. ICS (Command Support) Functions
  • 9. Medical Responding
  • 10. Rescue Responding

We certify to 3 main levels or uses:


The Level 1 "Awareness" Level is an Introduction to the use of Mountain Bikes in Search and Rescue. It is a 3-4 hour course and predominantly academic in nature. The theory delivered in this level is especially useful for those tasking MBSAR (like Search Managers) who are not subject to operational call outs themselves.


This level is NOT considered an Operational level per se, but was created to provide more than a basic Awareness level and to satisfy the professional requirements of most SAR teams and the emergency services Health and Safety best practice needs. The Level 2 is about one day and is basically ONLY for runners / messengers and command support roles as well as stand-by event / medics.


This is the main level of certification and operational competence for MBSAR teams and any Mountain Bike Search and Rescue Operator. Level 3 is the only OPERATIONAL LEVEL on Mountain Bikes (of the first 3) for ALL uses with pre-course reading and access to support information. It is usually run over a weekend, with a Friday night start (3-4 hours), covering search theory and uses of MBSAR In SAR etc, equivalent to Level 1.

The OPERATOR LEVEL is the standard level for most MBSAR TEAMS.

Take-Home Materials:

Manual, Certificate(s), Wallet card(s)

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