Duration: 2 days, 1 night
Cost: $289 + HST

Evolving from the supplementary survival workshops of our Wilderness and Remote First Aid programs, Emergency Wilderness Survival goes deeper into managing the unexpected in remote and unforgiving environments. Would you prefer an ordeal or an unplanned camping trip with minimal gear?

Learn how to construct your own survival shelter and stay in it overnight. This is the adventure weekend getaway you crave, infused with knowledge, practical training and hands-on experience in a controlled all-seasons wilderness environment. Find your footing before entering remote wilderness locations for recreation or work by obtaining key skills, knowledge, and familiarity with your gear.

Emergency Wilderness Survival provides you with a solid foundation for all the building blocks of the subject, ensuring you are well-rounded in your skill-set; critical if you ever had to rely on those skills for survival. You’ll be surprised at how much you can get out of one weekend. Be prepared to overcome the unplanned scenarios of becoming lost, disoriented, or subject to natural disasters and/or medical emergencies in the wild.

Course Content:

  • Physiology and Psychology of Survival
  • Hypothermia and Core Thermoregulation
  • PLAN to Survive
  • Organizing Critical Gear
  • Survival Camp 101
  • Building a Shelter to Spend the Night in
  • Advanced Fire-lighting
  • Signaling and Communication

Materials You Should Bring:

- Weather-appropriate clothing
- Small rucksack / hydration
- Personal lighting (ie. headlamp)
- Waterproof Notebook / writing material
- Ankle-height hiking boots in good condition
- Lunch / dinner and snacks

Materials Supplied:

Cutting instrument, folding shovel, shelter-building supplies

Take-Home Materials:

Digital resources, Certificate of Completion

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