Industrial + Safety + Outdoor + Medical

Serving the GTA and beyond, our workplace safety and emergency response programs cater to workers and recreationists from various backgrounds. Outdoor and remote medical, industrial and construction safety, and more.

Commitment to community.

If we aren't instructing, we're occupied in the fields of emergency, safety, rescue and protection, or making the most of outdoor pursuits. When it comes to training, our experiences bring unique perspectives to the delivery. We firmly believe that trainees who are actually engaged in the subject matter are more likely to function better in an emergency situation on the street or invest in a culture of safety in the workplace. Our philosophy? People helping people to help people.

Convenient and cost-effective.

IRESCUE TRAINING has a reputation for delivering last-minute training to individuals and companies under pressure. Whether it's that training ticket you need to start work this week, or group training for your staff to maintain compliance, we provide cost effective solutions for individuals and organizations alike. Group rates can be discussed. Free training is available to individuals who organize their own group sessions. And unlike most, we are outfitted to bring the training to you!

Thank you for choosing the IRESCUE solution. Let us know how we can be of service!

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